4-Year-Old Boy Dies, Then Mom Visits His Grave And Sees A Sign That He’s Watching Her

Marie Robinson of England lost her son Jack to brain cancer on April 1, 2014. The sweet four-year-old child also left behind his identical twin brother and three sisters.

On the third anniversary of Jack’s death, Marie visited his grave. But the bereaved mom had no idea she’d get a guest of her own. Marie got in her car and drove to the cemetery that morning. She thought to herself that dear Jack please show mom a sign.

A little red robin quickly took notice of her as she rested on the grass beside Jack’s tombstone, circling around her and confidently resting on her foot and hand.

Astonished, Marie pulled out her phone and videotaped the robin as he gazed her in the eyes and then sat on her shoulder, pecking softly. Marie commented on Facebook that it made her cry. She is interpreting it as a message from Jack.

Robin at son's grave moves mum to tears

The mother who filmed a robin hopping on to her hand while she visited her son's grave has spoken to BBC South Today. Marie Robinson posted the video on Facebook earlier this week and it's been viewed more than 10m times. Marie's son Jack died of a brain tumour in 2014 aged four. She filmed the bird on the third anniversary of his death at the graveyard in Waterlooville, Hampshire

Posted by BBC South on Friday, 7 April 2017

Robins are generally considered to represent the existence of loved ones who have passed over in the spiritual community. Marie’s video has received lots of views and is showing compassion to individuals around the globe.

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