Sister-In-Law Livid She And Her 3 Kids Are Banned From Brother’s House Due To Her Ill-Behaved Kids.

Be considerate of other people’s houses. However, not all follow this guideline, and as a result, repercussions must be confronted. In this story a woman described how she barred her sister-in-law and her three children from her home as they were troublesome. Read the story and let us know how you would deal with this situation.

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My husband’s older sister is a mom of three ages 9, 8 and 6. SIL allows a lot of behaviors that can be quite destructive or messy from her kids, which is fine in her own house, but at least in mine, I don’t like it. My husband has told her before that she needs to make it clear that our house rules are different from hers but she brushed him off.

These kids will kick a ball around inside, breaking our possessions more than once, will bounce on the furniture with shoes on and leave stains on them, have emptied storage containers in our house on the floor and walked away with what they wanted to get, leaving the rest there.

My husband and I have both stepped in and asked them not to and the response we get back is “you’re not our mom/dad”. I am aware this is true but it is our home. We have put stuff up only for them to go inside and get it anyway. We said no shoes inside and they straight up said no. They have also gotten other balls when we take them away while they play with them inside. They’re the very same at my in-laws house. The oldest even told FIL to f off when he corrected them.

So I made the decision that if my husband wants to deal with all that he can, but while I am home without him they are not coming in. SIL attempted to come over with the kids while my husband was away for work. I told her she wasn’t allowed in. I told her to speak to my husband and find out when he’s home and she can visit if he allows.

She was pissed. My husband told her he decided not to let her in anymore either, but I’m the worst offender in her eyes. Did I go too far here? Am I A Jerk?

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