400 Students Gathered Outside The Old Woman’s House For A Huge Surprise.

In Comox, British Columbia, Tinney Davidson is an elderly woman who lives very close to a secondary school. And every morning over the past 12 years, Tinney would watch from her front window as many of that school’s students would walk by her home. And every single morning, she would wave at them. And they would wave back at her.

Such a small gesture of friendliness in most circles, but, for many of those young children, is was a big moment for them as they prepared for their day at school.

After so many years of this, some of the students learned that Tinney, now 88 years old, would be moving out of her home near the school and into an assisted living home. She would no longer be there to wave at all of them heading to school. And that upset so many of those students. So, as Tinney prepared for her move, many of those students she had waved at so many times gathered in front of her house with signs to show her their appreciation.

There was so many students gathered for her that she didn’t have enough yard for them. She opened her front door and clapped as she looked out over all of the smiling faces. With a tissue in hand, she shouted “Thank you” to all of them, and they all started waving at her. And it would be one of the last times she waved back at them.

400 students wave goodbye to beloved Comox granny

For over a decade, Tinney Davidson waved out the window of her Comox home to students on their way to school. Now she's moving away, so the students gave her a proper send-off. More:

Posted by CBC News on Sunday, 28 April 2019

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