Adorable Clip Of A Young Girl With Down Syndrome Gets Trolled.

16-year-old Ella has Down’s Syndrome. And one day she was caught on video dancing to the music of a band during a soccer match. The person who took that video, Ella’s dad, Neil Markham, thought it was really cool, and posted it to Twitter.

Several said the clip brought sunshine to their day. But, as you know, there are many people out there who post horrible things about clips such as this, cowardly hiding behind phony, made-up names.

It’s a sad reality in our world that someone having harmless fun in a video can be ridiculed so hatefully by some.

Actress Patsy Kensit was appalled by those comments, saying ‘I am shocked and disgusted that vile trolls would sink to depth of cruelty. I support this beautiful girl, this human being, and her brave fabulous father…come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough and then crawl back into your dark and disgusting hole. Ella you are incredible.”

Some well-known sports stars contacted Ella’s father, delivering messages of comfort, and one even invited Neil and his daughter to dinner. Neil was extremely hurt by the cruel comments about his daughter, posting: “What is wrong with people? This girl would wish you nothing but happiness. Why do you need to be like this? Contact me directly rather than hiding.”

Of course, none of them did. But the abusive comments did slow down. And a lot of people gave support to Ella and her dad.

One person wrote: “Your daughter is so beautiful! How anyone could ridicule her… let me at em! My advice is just immediately block anyone that says anything negative. This place is full of amazing, supportive people, don’t be put off!!”

Another wrote: “I wonder if you realize what a little bit of sunshine that video bought into so many people’s day. It was gorgeous, just like your Ella. Thanks for sharing.”

Added Neil: “I will protect my daughter because I’m the only one who can. That is my job.” 

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