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41-Yr-Old Mom of 2 Defends Age-Gap in Her Relationship With 23-Yr-Old Student | “I Never Find Myself Mothering Him”

Love finds a way despite age, gender, caste, creed, and everything else society tries to categorize us. While it is accepted for women to date men who are older than them, the opposite is not true for males, who are questioned or looked down upon when they date older women. Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, spoke about her relationship with Kasper Borum, a 23-year-old student, and attempted to overcome the age difference stigma.

Slott claimed that she is frequently judged by others who believe Borum has “mommy issues.”

Most of the time, it’s rich old guys with young girls, and they assume one needs to be affluent to be in the relationship—but there are so many individuals who are in an age-gap relationship and enjoying a regular life, Slott, who is from Copenhagen, explained. It’s not an issue when an older man is dating a younger lady. However, if a younger man prefers older women, he is accused of having ‘mommy issues.’ She never feels herself mothering him; in fact, as he has more free time, he watches out for her more.

The mother of two further claimed that they usually split the expenses, although she treats Borum every other month. Because he is a finance student, Kasper does not have the same amount of money as her. However, she enjoys going out for good cuisine, so she will occasionally spend a bit extra. She is not bothered at all, she stated. Borum, who is from Aarhus, Denmark, spoke up about money, saying that many individuals accept he is in this relationship for financial reasons. But that is not the case. He can pay for himself, and if someone else pays for him, that bothers him.

He has never been in an age difference relationship before, Borum explained, but he always preferred older ladies. When comparing relationships with people his age to the one he has with Tina, there are two significant contrasts. Before, he felt like he was being held back since he worked out five to six days a week, which takes up a lot of time. Tina, on the other hand, accepts it and does not become envious or make it an issue. Girls his age overthink a lot more, and he has been accused of going to the gym to pick up fitness women he had no idea existed. Another significant difference is maturity; older women have more life experiences, so they are more confident and undisturbed by the judgments of others, which he admires.

Slott claimed that following her divorce from her ex-husband in 2018, she joined the dating app Tinder. She said she had a lot of proposals from younger males and found it fascinating at the time. At first, Kasper and she started conversing on Tinder just for fun. But then they learned how much they had in common, such as their sense of humor and love of the gym. They talked for a month before meeting. She considers him as a person rather than his age. My major fear was for her kids, as her daughter is only eight years his junior. But she thinks it’s nice and enjoys how young he is since he can connect to a lot of things. Her pals were astonished at first, but now they regard it as normal.

When Slott posts videos on TikTok about their age difference, the pair frequently draws the attention of the internet.

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While the pair has been quite happy in their relationship, Slott noted that owing to their age difference, they occasionally have different perspectives and beliefs.

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