High school quarterback scores eight touchdowns in honor of his mom, one day after she died of cancer.

When we are young, there are few things more terrible to envision than losing our mom or dad. Simply said, most of us spend our childhoods expecting our parents to be there for us forever. 

Unfortunately, it is not the case in real life. Things happen, people get sick, and what is promised today is not necessarily certain to be delivered tomorrow.

Alex Brown, a senior in high school, understands this better than most.

Alex’s biggest fan died of cancer only one day before his high school playoff game, according to sources.

Michelle Brown had been battling breast cancer for a decade. Her struggle ended on November 11th.

Today he lost his closest friend, his instructor, and his mother. His mother had been battling breast cancer that had spread throughout her body for 14 years; she was never expected to live this long, but she battled through love and her incredible courage. He adores his mom. May she rest in peace, Alex said on social media.

Alex hit the field as the varsity quarterback at Red Bank Catholic High School in New Jersey the very next day following her death.

Despite his evident anguish and pain, the high schooler scored an incredible eight touchdowns to lead his team to a shocking win.

Even when one deals with something as difficult as that, Alex stated after the game on Monday night.

And one is aware that it may be difficult or difficult, but one can always fight.

Alex Brown has our heartfelt sympathies. We  are sure your mum is really proud of you.

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