4th Of July Quadruplets Blesses Desperate Couple After 4 Miscarriages And 11 Years Of Infertility

Tony and Allyson Ponto of Minnesota have discovered the power of the number four. Allyson gave birth to four baby girls on July 4th, after more than a decade of infertility. And these July 4th quadruplets are truly a blessing!

Tony and Allyson’s favourite number was never four. The couple attempted to have kids for almost a decade. They had four tragic miscarriages throughout that period. But God promises to restore everything that has been lost (Joel 2 :25, Deuteronomy 30 :3).

That’s exactly what He did for this pair!

The Pontos’ experience with infertility finally led them to in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Even just one baby would have sent their hearts flying. But God had other ideas!

All of a sudden, she sees two bloop bloops on the ultrasound, Allyson explains, recalling the time they heard the IVF therapy was fruitful.

But suddenly there were additional heartbeats on the screen. And then there’s another one, and then there’s three, Allyson explained. She questioned whether there are three to which the tech replied there are four. Four lovely marvels that were definitely worth the lengthy wait.

The pregnancy proceeded pretty smoothly. A c-section was scheduled for the end of July, and Allyson was confident she would make it to her 34-week due date. But God wasn’t done blessing this loving couple with the number four!

The Ponto’s four tiny firecrackers couldn’t wait any longer on July 4th, two weeks ahead of their scheduled birth.

Allyson gave birth to four girls, including identical twins, after going into labour. And the moment is so perfect that it must be heavenly! It has been a hard road, but God is trustworthy!

Allyson explained she is overjoyed to finally be a mother. There will be four, but I am happy to finally be a mother.

The Fourth of July quadruplets continue to develop and flourish, demonstrating God’s faithfulness!

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