Dad Has Best Reply When Friend Says Parents Should End Pregnancy of Baby with Cleft Lip

The proposal that the parents of a baby with a cleft lip terminate the pregnancy startled the parents. What could they possibly blame? The time your baby enters the world is a life-changing event that will live on in your mind forever.

Those tiny fingernails and crushed features show us how carefully each of us was knitted together in the womb, flaws and all.

When a friend suggested that parents should terminate a pregnancy for a kid with a cleft lip, one father had the finest response. His reaction was perfect.

Matt Martin is a normal Texas father of twin sons. He reunited with some old Facebook buddies one weekend. As the talk progressed, somebody discussed politics, and the subject of abortion came up.

According to the report, Matt expressed his belief that terminating foetuses due to impairments, particularly clefts, is wrong. He stated, as a result of genetic testing, newborns with clefts are three times more likely to be terminated in certain nations and even more likely in others. Humans want a baby, but not that particular one. Having a cleft kid of his own, he strongly believes that is incorrect.

Come on, of all folks, he should understand why someone would want to abort a cleft kid, his friend answered. Matt expressed surprise. How could anyone declare that a kid has no right to life due to a cleft palate? So Matt did something courageous.

He recounted the story of his own baby, who was born with a cleft lip and palate. Matt resorted to social media to announce the arrival of his twin kids.

His first son, Jack, was born without incident, but when Cam arrived, the attitude in the birthing room shifted from shouts and excitement to anxiety.

Matt didn’t simply see the cleft when he eventually got to meet Cam. He saw the boy God had given him to be a father. He saw a small human being starting over, and it didn’t make a difference if his kid was a bit unusual.

Matt claims that the first few months were difficult owing to Cam’s special requirements, but at four months, Cam had his first surgery to close the cleft. Cam was born differently from Jack, but one can’t tell now since they’re both older. But aren’t we all unique in our own way?

Matt told Cam’s story not only to enlighten that specific buddy, but also to assist other parents understand that infants with cleft lips and palates are just as remarkable and wonderful. In my opinion, fathers like this one are heroes!

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3

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