Her Mother Said She Was a Mistake But Jesus Showed Actress from Back to the Future the Truth

Claudia Wells is well known as the actress from Back to the Future. But there was a lot of pain behind her triumph.

Claudia Wells adored the theatre. She felt she could go deep inside herself and share aspects of herself on camera since her alcoholic mother would tell her she was nothing when the cameras were turned off. She added that when the camera was on and she got to be a human, that was her fun and delight.

When the Back to the Future actress recounted her adolescent years with her mom, she admitted that she genuinely believed it was natural to hear the remark, “I regret the day you were born,” which her mother made sure Claudia heard frequently. Claudia had to cope with her mom calling her overweight on top of everything else she had to cope with as an adolescent girl.

Claudia Wells, fourteen, had had enough of her mom’s emotional abuse. She decided to eliminate it all because she thought she didn’t deserve to be happy or to be able to breathe. Claudia overdosed on her mom’s prescription drugs, but they didn’t kill her.

Everything in her life stayed the same for the following several years. But then she won a role in Dean Jones’s sitcom, Herbie The Love Bug. Her life would start to take root in somebody higher than herself at that point. Dean shared the Gospel with Claudia and discovered the true meaning of God’s saving grace.

It was the difference between life and death. He told her about the hole inside of her and how if she doesn’t fill it with God, with Jesus Christ, it will be filled with men, drugs, and troubles. Then, one day, while having lunch with Dean, she prayed the sinner’s prayer and was rescued.

When her mom was afflicted with cancer, her heart raced towards God as her acting career shot towards stardom with Back To The Future. Claudia Wells quit show business since she thought it was the proper thing to do.

Cancer would finally take her mother’s life, while the Holy Spirit began to work conquering Claudia’s heart in order to transform how she saw herself. He started to improve her heart and educate her that she was not a blunder as she walked with Jesus.

The Back to the Future actress now owns a clothes boutique and occasionally appears on television. The finest part of her life, however, was when Christ restored her sorrow and rebuilt her life from the inside out. She is looking forward to the next chapter because she knows God is writing for her, and she is excited to see what the future holds.

“Back to the Future” Star on Recovering Her Self Worth

Years of self-sabotage permeated actress Claudia Wells' life after years of mental abuse inflicted by her broken mother. After being introduced to Christ by a fellow actor, Claudia took hold of her true identity. Watch or read more:

Posted by The 700 Club on Thursday, June 23, 2022

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