Ben Affleck Said He Would Have Still Been Drinking If He Were Still Married to Jennifer Garner, Despite How Much He Loves Her

The Daredevil actor, Ben Affleck has been honest about his battle with liquor habit and acknowledged of late that he still probably be in the same habit if he continued in his hopeless marriage.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner started seeing each other in 2004 and tied the knot the subsequent year. They were together for over 10 years and had three kids. Throughout their marriage, the actor had few truly rough phases and Garner stood by him during the hard-going. In 2015, the couple announced their separation but their split was concluded almost three years later in 2018 since Garner sought to give him time to reconcile. 

The duo did attempt their best to salvage the marriage but it turns out to be of no hope. Affleck lately appeared on a show and shared about the tough times he had been over in that period. He said that he would still be probably addicted to alcohol. He was stuck in the relationship and could not leave because of his children and wasn’t happy, hence he started drinking but later realised that it is not going to be an everlasting solution.

The actor also acknowledged that the cause why their marriage eventually didn’t thrive is that they grew separately. He said that he should not have married to somebody whom he loves and respect the person. The couple tried their best to save their marriage in the interest of their kids as they never wanted them to see their relationship falling apart. He further said that they don’t want this to be the model that their children see of marriage.

The couple realised that their marriage has clearly over and agreed to part ways. Though they still co-parent their children and it looks as if Affleck still loves and admire Garner but understood they were fine not being wedded.

Affleck seem like to be doing well even revitalizing the love with ex flame Jennifer Lopez. The two are back together again 17 years after putting off their engagement in 2004.   

A source said that they are doing indeed well and Jennifer Lopez loves being with Ben and she feels it’s truly meant to be.

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