5-Year-Old Died After Being Fatally Shot In A Drive-By In Houston | “A Precious Child Full Of Love”

According to the Houston Police Department, a five-year-old kid was shot in a drive-by shooting at a Houston intersection around 1 a.m. Sunday.

Assistant Chief Chandra Hatcher claimed during a press conference that a car driven by the child’s mom was halted at a stop sign when another vehicle drove up next to it. According to investigators, the family was sitting at a stoplight in the 13500 block of Northborough Drive in Houston’s high-crime Greenspoint neighbourhood.

According to the New York Post, the culprit, only described as a black man, leaned out the driver’s window, clutching a weapon, and started shooting toward a neighbouring grocery store. As per authorities, Khamaya Dior Donelson and her older brother were caught in the crossfire while sitting in the back seat of their mom’s automobile.

The kids were driven to a nearby hospital by their mom, where the girl was declared dead. Khamaya’s mom, recognised her daughter as the victim of the heinous drive-by shooting. Khamaya’s eight-year-old brother, who was injured in the arm during the incident, is expected to survive. The shooting’s motivation is unclear.

According to the mom’s GoFundMe account, that 5-year-old Khamaya was travelling in the car with her mother and brother when she was injured by stray bullets entering the vehicle. This unfortunate loss has grieved and perplexed relatives and friends. The page went on to say, she was a beautiful youngster, full of happiness and compassion. With pain in their hearts, they are asking the Houston community and anybody else who reads this to please!!! Assist them in burying her.

Her son saw his little sister, his closest friend for lifeeeee [sic] that was struck with a stray gunshot in his lap while they hurried to the hospital, the girl’s mother said on Facebook. She realised her kid was dead, but she still pleaded to God to help her little girl to wake up, she continued.

Watters also revealed that her son informed her that instead of his sister, it should have been him. In a Facebook post, she stated that hearing her son remark that it should have been him because she was the youngest? It breaks her heart!!! This was not going to be a part of their path, baby boy.

Rest in peace sweet angel. May the family find strength, comfort and peace to bear this unimaginable loss.

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