‘$11 an hour! I don’t wanna work here!’: TikToker records co-worker reaching their breaking point, sparking debate

A TikToker records their co-worker’s meltdown 

TikTok users are debating pay and current work environment after seeing a worker’s viral tirade.

An employee can be seen moaning about their employment in a video submitted by user @ vommymommy, stating they only make “$11 an hour” and would rather work at McDonald’s.

“$11 per hour!” “I don’t want to work here!” exclaims the worker. “I’d like to work at McDonald’s!” Flip those burgers! “French fries with salt!”

While the video appears to be intended in good fun, it has stirred substantial conversation on the platform, where it has gotten over 1.3 million views, with many members complaining about poor salaries and excessive hours.

“He finally cracked,” @ vommymommy captioned the photo.

@_vommymommy He finally cracked #lowwages#mcdonalds#gaspricesaretoohigh#flippingburgers#frenchfries ♬ original sound – Satan’s Side Piece

Some people first cracked jokes about the video.

“I’ve lost all hope in TikTok if no one does an early 2000s emo track to this,” one user said, pointing to the trend of “Midwest Emo Intro Parodies.”

“Tell me why I’m headbanging to this,” said another.

However, the debate swiftly shifted to pay. While inflation is at its highest rate in 40 years and gas prices have nearly hit all-time highs, the federal minimum hourly wage remains at $7.25.

The employee in the backdrop of @ vommymommy’s video protests about being paid $11 per hour. According to MIT’s Living Wage Calculator, this is not a living salary in any state; Alabama has the lowest livable wage at $13.87 per hour.

TikTok commentators did not disregard this truth.

“Did you mean 2 gallons of gas each hour?” asked one person.

“$11?!?! “What are these occupations doing to us?” said another.

Users also highlighted the disparity between the criteria of some occupations and their remuneration.

“I make more money as a Walmart worker than as a technical assistant at a vet clinic,” one respondent stated.

“I [stopped] at Wawa on my way to work in the morning and realised that they make more than me and don’t have to give insulin needles to angry cats or deal with reactive or violent dogs like I do working at a boarding kennel,” a second said.

“I was making $11 an hour as an EMT!” said a third. “People here receive $15 at McDonald’s!”

“I make more as a custodian than I did as a lab worker,” said a fourth.

Above all, consumers were distressed by the man’s emotional relatability.

“He’s simply stating what we’re all feeling,” one person said. “Hold on, my man.”

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