Walgreens employee ‘murders teen coworker after she turned down his advances

17-year-old Riley Whitelaw, a Colorado Springs Walgreens member of staff was found inside the breakroom at around 7 pm on June 11 after he failed to come back from her break.  

Whitelaw was allegedly killed by her co-worker, Joshua Johnson, 28, after she turned him down and complained to the managers that he made her feel uncomfortable. 

Johnson was detained on June 12 from Colorado Springs and he has been charged with first-degree killing. 

When cops arrived on June 11, they found Whitelaw’s body inside and declared her deceased. She was supposedly surrounded by a substantial quantity of blood and had shock to her neck.  

Justin Zunino, Walgreens Supervisor, who found her body, told the cops that Johnson had been communicated to leave Whitelaw alone about a year before after she had complained about him.

Whitelaw had demanded to function opposite shifts as Johnson few weeks earlier her demise and she was informed some of the shifts would clash.  

The day she died, Johnson was seen on surveillance shots loading baskets in front of the cameras, which he would later reject he was hindering. A client has also stated they caught a lady screaming around 5.45pm and inform the cops.

Another manager also saw on surveillance shots that paper had been glued over the gaps and a mark saying the restroom was shut was on the entrance.  

When the manager went to search her absent worker, she tracked the stink of bleach to the dumpster zone but when she went to open the entrance, a masculine vocal sound told her he was changing inside and she left the place.  

Johnson acknowledged that he was the one inside the dumpster zone and that he was in the breakroom too.  

Whitelaw’s cremation will be held following week as the enquiry is still presently ongoing. 

The teen was said to be a straight-A scholar at Air Academy High School and was also into art and music. The obituary said that she stimulated others through her art, wide-ranging taste in music and excellent personality and she will be deeply missed.

A crowed funding was also set up in her respect that will go to genetic research, a subject Whitelaw loved perusing. It has exceeded its $10,000 and has now raised up more than $12,000.  

Senior Director for Walgreens Fraser Engerman said the establishment was distressed by the loss and said that security inside stores as a highest importance.

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