59-year-old mom becomes oldest woman to birth twins in the U.S. – eldest daughter ‘disgusted by her decision’

Lauren Cohen was over 60 when she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl in 2006. The mother of two from Paramus, New Jersey, should have been overjoyed to add two more kids to her family, but she had no idea how her oldest daughter would respond.

Lauren had been divorced from her first husband for two years when she met Frank Garcia in 2002 during a dance class in New Jersey. Despite the fact that he was 20 years her junior, the two found love and wanted to establish a future together.

Lauren explained she never imagined he’d be attracted to a lady so much older. He was a fantastic dancer, so she requested him to dance one night, and he agreed.

They married in July 2002, but Lauren quickly realised that her hubby was eager to start a family and that she desired him to enjoy that opportunity.

The couple considered IVF to create a family, but several physicians turned her down due to her age. She was approved by a facility in Virginia in January 2004, but they were devastated by four failed rounds of IVF.

The pair became pregnant when a doctor in New Jersey offered to assist them. Raquel, the couple’s first child, was born via IVF in December 2004. Lauren found out she was carrying twins less than a year after Raquel was born.

Lauren was approaching her 60th birthday when she gave birth to twins, Gregory and Giselle, via IVF utilising donor eggs on May 22, 2006.

She stated that she does not consider herself a record holder.  Aside from the arthritis, she is in great shape.

Lauren became the oldest mom in the United States to deliver twins, equaling the international record set by an anonymous British woman on Christmas Day 1993.

Lauren made it her primary aim, with three tiny kids, to keep as healthy as possible, with the goal of seeing her kids attend college.

In addition to pilates and yoga, the mother of four claims to take approximately 100 vitamins every week to keep healthy.

She adds she does everything to live as long as she can. She decided to see them through college. She has to keep going for another 17 years – until she is 81.

Being an older mom wasn’t easy for Lauren; many mistook her for her kid’s grandma, and worse, her oldest daughter Renee rejected her.

Regardless of the fact that she cannot see her daughter or granddaughter, she and her hubby are grateful for the 3 kids they share.

Let’s wish this family health and happiness for many years to come. Please share this story.

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