Teen who married 89-year-old with dementia boasts about inheriting his wealth: “He could die before Christmas LMAO”

Being young and foolish is one thing; being manipulative and deceptive is quite another. And this specific adolescent demonstrated both. Olivia C. Stone, 19, reportedly married a guy 70 years her senior in order to inherit his fortune.

Lee R. Hopkins, who met the young lady at a senior living facility, has dementia. Stone, a staff at Brookdale Russellville, started conversing with 89-year-old Lee while working at the facility, and though she wasn’t his full-time caretaker, they apparently got close when she was assigned the responsibility of bringing him his medicines. Olivia, 19, said it was pure love, and she wanted to marry him regardless of his failing memory and, some could argue, his age.

According to Arkansas marriage papers from the Pope County Clerk’s office, the pair married in September 2020. While everyone was surprised by Olivia’s choice to marry, she assured that it was all for love. However, the teenager’s social media posts suggested differently. The teenager’s private conversations revealed that she was simply a selfish individual taking advantage of the old man.

“I’d want to remain for a few more months at least if I can,” she added, hinting at her inheriting Hopkins’ fortune. Another, taken aback by her remark, said, “So… MARRIAGE? OVER THE NEXT LIKE YEAR? I had no idea it was so serious.”

The adolescent did not hold back in revealing her motivations. “Michael, if we marry, I will be the only beneficiary of his inheritance,” she wrote. In another tweet, the young girl boasted about how wealthy her old husband was. “I’m going to p*ss, sh*t, and vomit on myself. “Lee has so much f*cking money f*cking hell I’ve literally been homeless before,” Stone, also known as “Mrs. Vagina Jones,” wrote.”

The dishonest girl allegedly stated the senior will pass away before Christmas. “Bro, he could die before Christmas LMAO,” Stone added. She also inquired whether anyone was interested in dating her after her husband died. “So, when I’m widowed, do you want me?” wrote the avaricious adolescent. Her nasty and disrespectful remarks drew a lot of condemnation. She deactivated her Twitter account in response to the abuse.

When the news source contacted Brookdale’s public relations department to enquire about Stone’s alleged ethical infractions and if she was still working for them, the agency stated that Hopkins was no longer a resident of the facility. This comment contradicts the one made by another Brookdale employee.

Nevertheless, Stone has been verified as having worked at the facility. A Facebook post praising her for her efforts with the facility’s senior patients appeared to corroborate her job at Brookdale Russellville. Hopkins was living at a senior facility with his wife before meeting Stone, but she died in a vehicle accident. Hopkins became disoriented and wound up 25 miles away from the exact spot, which caused the disaster. His health has deteriorated since then.

While nothing is known about his present condition, one can only believe that the old man suffering from dementia is not being used by the young woman.

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