Girl Falls Pregnant at 13 and Gives Birth despite People Wishing She Wouldn’t Survive Labor

17 year old Maddie Lambert shared her story in 2021 and the blushing smile on her face made it tough to rely on the severe neglect and disapproval she had experienced a few years earlier. 

Maddie was a usual high school student in Fort Worth, Texas, till she fell sick. Her whole household suffered from the stomach infection and she believed her symptoms were just a bad instance of the virus.

But she was mistaken as a trip to the medic exposed that she was pregnant, and when her mother got the news, Maddie was scared. But, her mom was kind and assured to be there for her. 

While Maddie had the support of her mother, but she was still concerned about what others would say and also had varied feelings about keeping the baby.

She said that she got pregnant at the age of just 13 and she was perplexed if she should get an abortion or adoption? She added that exactly the moment she saw at the ultrasound monitor, she realised that she can’t give up this baby.

Determining to have the baby meant Maddie would have to convey her family and friends about the significant progress and one of her main worries was the foul remarks and that people didn’t hold back. 

Maddie said that several persons told her that she was tossing her life and somebody even sent her the address of an abortion clinic. It was a excruciating journey and the destructive responses affected her. 

As luck would have it, she was a fighter and the pushback powered her on the way to motherhood. 

She said that the hatred made her want to do well and it made her show the people that she is going to be the greatest mother forever.

In a videotape, it was obvious that the young mother did the whole thing for her little girl. Commenters emphasized her adulthood and said she was a superior mother than many grown-ups. 

Maddie said that several people believe that she is not a good mother just for the reason that she is a teen but she said that she has the same ability to parent as anyone else.

While baby Everly was 4 months old, Maddie decided to part their journey on YouTube. Her initial video swiftly went viral and her real experiences echoed with many individuals. There were encouraging replies and, as predictable, contrasting thoughts. She greeted all issues on her channel and was glad to help others fronting related situations.  

One of her clips included her ex-boyfriend, Isaac, also the dad of her kid. Isaac was just 15 at the time and didn’t trust Maddie when she told him that she was expecting. He was a runaway dad for 10 months till he lastly took a paternity check. 

Isaac said that he was gone for that 10 months and he can’t do anything about it nowResolute to make up for his earlier faults, the delighted father cherished his little angel when he eventually met her. 

The duo co-parented their little girl and said audiences that it wasn’t constantly easy. Though, they continuously had Everly’s best wellbeing in mind and were attentive on giving her the finest life possible.  

Virtual trolls tried to stop Maddie from having a lovely journey with her baby but she didn’t pay attention to them. She also thanks baby Everly for saving her life. 

Maddie revealed that she fought with depression earlier. She even had a suicide effort when she was 13. She was having distress finding her place on this earth. When she realised that she was expecting, it gave her a cause to combat.

Her meaning of the greatest mother was somebody prepared to make every single sacrifice for their child. She said that she gave up her entire childhood to do the whole thing for her little girl and Everly is her whole world.

Everly is fortunate to have a mother like Maddie. Though their journey was filled with difficulties, Maddie’s affection for her child accepted them and her persistence is a motivation for other young parents. 

Getting Pregnant At 13 Gave Me A Reason To Live

Getting pregnant at 13 doesn't make me a bad mother

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