‘You should be with someone that looks like me’: Woman says people are criticizing her marriage with a ‘physically fit’ man

Love has no borders — or weight limit — and social media sensation Alicia Mccarvell is out to show it, viral post after viral post.

The Canadian influencer, who has over 690,000 Instagram followers and 4.9 million TikTok followers, responded to critics who stated her spouse Scott should be with somebody who is slimmer than her on Tuesday.

Mccarvell posted an allegedly provocative TikTok video earlier this week, in which she and her muscular husband are shown wearing towels before changing into beautiful party attire.

As the now-viral video gained over 23 million views, the influencer got criticism for the image and replied in a subsequent post on Monday.

The “self-love” advocate began her passionate argument by stating that some individuals believed their relationship didn’t “add up” because of their size and body types mismatches.

@aliciamccarvell My forever wedding date ♥️ @scottymc4 ♬ original sound – cam

She explained in an explanatory video that received another 12 million views that she knows they all believe why this video went viral. It’s because she and her partner don’t make sense by beauty standards .

Mccarvell continued that when the world looks at them, Scott is instantly valued more than her. They say things like, ‘Oh, she must not have been obese when they met,’ or ‘Oh, she must be wealthy.'”

“Or they try to reduce his side of the equation by saying he must be gay, or he fetishes fat women,” the burgeoning body positivity activist continued.

Mccarvell observed that society has trained individuals that slimmer men and women are more beautiful than those who are not.

She explained, we’ve been led to believe that someone as physically fit as Scott could never be in love with or happy with a large lady. And it’s all since the world has taught us that we must put our importance on our bodies.

She then recounted an incident in which an extremely attractive lady, who “was skinny and by beauty standards a 10 out of 10,” slid into Scott’s DMs and suggested that he replace his wife with somebody who looks like her.


let's address the trash beauty standards in the room ||••

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She expressed that for most of their relationship, she telling herself that she is not worthy of his love because of her body is the exact same thing as this skinny lady telling him that she is deserving because of her body.

The Instagrammer further added that she undervalues herself, and she overvalued the other girl. They’ve both been taught that their worth is based on their bodies. Mccarvell said to her followers, if this is the way one thinks, it’s the way one has been taught. It is, however, your obligation to unlearn it.

Many people praised her for displaying her love on her initial transition TikTok.

“These remarks merely reflect how many people base their relationship decisions on appearance.” “Perhaps you’d be happy if you didn’t,” one person wrote. “I see two lovely individuals in love with one other and themselves and I’M LIVING FOR IT!” said another.

“How about you all sit back and understand he simply finds her hot af?” someone asked.

When two beautiful people are in love nothing else matters. 

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