5Yr Old Boy Calls Cops To Find His Mother In Heaven!

When a police officer answered an emergency call-in late one night, he sure did not expect what he was going to be dealing with. That caller was a 5-year-old boy named Jerry. And Jerry was hoping the officer could help him find his mother.

The officer was certainly willing to help Jerry out with that if he could, so he asked the young boy where he believed his mother might be. Jerry told him that his father told him that his mother was in heaven.

During that call, Jerry told the officer that his mother had passed away recently from cancer. After the young boy told him more about his mom, the concerned officer gave him some advice. He told Jerry to get a red balloon and attach a note to it, a note telling his mom everything he wanted to tell her. And then, he said, let it go and fly up into the sky. Eventually, the officer told Jerry, that balloon will make its way all the way to his mother, and she will read it.

A mini-movie was made out of this true story, and it’s called: Red Balloons Fly. Make sure to watch it and see what happens after Jerry starts sending his mother messages in the sky.

Red Balloons Fly from Six Inches Communication on Vimeo.

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