Single Mom Caught Stealing Drumsticks For Her Sick Daughters Gets A Surprise Of A LIFETIME.

A mother was caught and arrested in China after she attempted to steal a chicken drumstick and two children’s books. It was later learned that Liu Jinixia’s twin daughters suffer from a kidney-related disease, and she took the drumstick to feed them.

The woman became desperate after her husband left the family because of the financial strain being put on them by their daughters’ conditions. Liu had to move with her daughters into an extremely small living quarters when her husband left her. One of her daughters had recently told her that she wished she could have a chicken drumstick, so Liu felt compelled to fulfill that wish for her and her sister. She took the drumstick and the children’s books from a supermarket, but was caught before she could exit it, and was arrested.

One of the officers who responded and arrested the woman posted her story on a social network. The post went viral and many throughout China stepped up and donated money to help her out.

Said one person who responded to the post: “This woman is not guilty. For this kind of crime it is the whole society that is to blame.”

What amounted to more than $60,000 was raised for Liu and her daughters through donations.

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