Blind Dog Gets His Own Guide Dog!

Tao is an 11-year-old Golden Retriever that lost his eyesight about a year ago because of glaucoma. His owner, Melanie Jackson of Somerset, was certainly upset by this and wondered what she could do about it.

Says Melanie: “It all happened so fast, as he was fine in the morning but in the evening he was shaking his head, which suggested he is in pain. Five hours later, he was blind and his eye was removed.”

His other eye also was removed a short time later. Melanie taught him commands that he could work through with his blindness. And she was pleasantly surprised when Tao began walking up and down the stairs just three days after his operation. He seemed, happy, she said, but she also felt that something was missing.

Melanie believed Tao needed a buddy to help him and play with him. She eventually found Oko, a puppy, and he and Tao quickly formed a bond. Melanie said Tao follows Oko around all over the fields and they sleep together.

She is now in the process of working with Tao to follow his new companion so he can stay out of danger.

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