Waitress Gets $82,000 In Tips After Ejecting This Rich Man.

Did you ever go somewhere nice for dinner and some loud mouth had to screw things up for everyone? Well, Gennica Cochran wasn’t about to put up with it. Gennica is a server at Lucia restaurant in Carmel Valley, California.

One day, on the Fourth of July, as a matter of fact, a man named Michael Lofthouse, who is 37, entered the restaurant and yelled terrible racial threats at an Asian family that was out enjoying a birthday meal. Without any hesitation, she grabbed the man and quickly escorted him out of the restaurant.

The server was hailed as a hero, and some started a GoFundMe page for her for tips. Well, after a short while, those “tips” amounted to more than $80,000!

Said Gennica: “I did what anybody else would or should do in that situation.”

So the next time a loudmouth ruins YOUR meal, you might just want to give him the boot yourself.

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