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65-Year-Old Grandma Mauled by Dogs as She Prepared to Pick Up Her Grandson From School | “She Was a Lovely Woman”

According to neighbors, the body of a lady who was attacked and killed in a dog attack by five American bulldogs was discovered when she failed to appear to pick up her grandson from school.

Ann Dunn, 65, was slain at her house in St Brigid’s Crescent in Vauxhall, Liverpool, on Monday. Friends described her as a “beautiful, joyful woman.”

According to one homeowner, Ms Dunn was getting ready to pick up her grandson from school when she neglected to do so, and her family became concerned when she did not.

She was supposed to be collecting up her grandson from school, and it was only when the school got in touch with his mom to say he was still there and no one had arrived for him that they realized anything was wrong, the unnamed neighbor stated.

She went in to lay her things down and the dogs attacked her; she attempted to close the door but fell.

Five American bulldogs were discovered at Ms Dunn’s residence.

They were taken off the land and ‘humanely killed.’

Merseyside Police said today that a 31-year-old man detained on suspicion of having a dangerously out-of-control dog has been freed on conditional bail.

It was discovered yesterday that a dog breeder conducted a business selling American Bullys from the home where Ms Dunn died.

Images on the website Leo’s Bullys, which is registered to the home where Ms Dunn was discovered, show various dogs for sale, with quotations available upon request.

Her neighbors have paid homage to the ‘beautiful, cheerful lady who was always extremely nice.’

Resident Kathleen Ladd, 72, stated she was a nice, pleasant person who was usually cheerful. She was content with her existence. It’s a terrible shock because she was a wonderful friend. However Kathleen had no clue she had any pets.

Ms Dunn has resided on the crescent for more than 30 years, according to another resident.

From what the resident’s understand, she resided there with her husband and two children. She was a pleasant person who usually stopped to speak.

She has seen various breeds of dog being trained on the grass over the road, claimed one woman who did not want to be identified. She also heard dogs barking from time to time. However, she is not sure if any of them were maintained at the home.

A police cordon remains in place outside the red brick mews house, with two PCSOs on duty and a green tarpaulin covering the front door.

Ms Wainwight, Ann Dunn’s friend, lives a few doors up from where the dog attack occurred. She stated that her late neighbor worked as a cleaner at Liverpool’s John Moores University.

Ann was such an inoffensive lady, Ms Wainwright, who has a one-year-old Bichon Frise named Smudge, said.

She was a hard worker, leaving for work at the university at 6 a.m. every morning. She completely taken aback and couldn’t sleep last night because she was thinking about Ann.

Ann was such a wonderful lady; it’s a terrible loss. Last afternoon, she heard the dogs wailing and barking. It had to be about the time they were attacking Ann.

Five American bulldogs, which were inside the home, were given over and have subsequently been humanely exterminated, said a Merseyside Police spokeswoman.

The North West Ambulance Service alerted cops to the property on St Brigid’s Crescent around 4.25pm.

According to the police, a post-mortem examination will be performed to determine the cause of death.

This is certainly an extremely tragic occurrence, and their sympathies are with the lady who died, said Detective Inspector Katie Coote.

The investigations are still ongoing as they try to determine what happened, and she would encourage anybody who may help them to get in contact.

Indeed a horrifying tragedy. May Ann Dunn’s soul rest in peace. 

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