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Home Intruder Quickly Exits Room ‘Yelling & Screaming’ — The Next Sound Is The Homeowner Firing His Gun

When Kelvin White intended to trespass on another man’s property, he discovered the hard way that he had chosen the incorrect residence. The freshly refurbished Atlanta mansion was on the market, and White was not meant to be there. He appeared to believe it was a safe location to hang around. When the intruder was startled by the homeowner, he instantly realized how incorrect he was.

The unidentified homeowner decided to look on his property on Arthur Street that terrible Friday morning when he was shocked by the house invader, subsequently named as Kelvin White. According to Atlanta Police Officer Stephanie Brown, the homeowner “observed the door was open, and a male came out of the room yelling and screaming” right away. The next sound sent White from the house.

Officer Brown stated that the homeowner thought like his life was in jeopardy, so he drew his rifle and began firing at the invader. That was enough for Kelvin White, 28, to conclude that the accommodations were now insufficient, and he made a break for it. White snuck out the back entrance of the house, but he didn’t escape unharmed. He was shot in the leg. Nevertheless, this did not deter him at first.

Despite his injuries, White made it about a mile down the road to Cooper Street before deciding to turn around. He banged on a door and pleaded for water, bleeding from a gunshot wound to his leg. He told him he’d been shot and wanted water, said the man who opened the door. He  informed him he wasn’t going to offer him any water and that he should dial 911.

When police were summoned, they soon determined that Kelvin White, who had a gunshot wound in his leg, was the house invader who had been shot by the homeowner on Arthur Street. He was detained and accused of criminal trespass, but it wasn’t his first time in trouble. Only three weeks before, White was accused of criminal trespass in another case when a different homeowner discovered him inside their house.

The homeowner fled the house and contacted 911 during the experience on Lucille Avenue, and White was detained by authorities. Kelvin White was shot again, evidently not having learned his lesson. Of course, if the homeowner can prevent it, this is not the best course of action. They do urge homeowners to leave the property and notify the police so that they can deal with it, Officer Brown added.

At least one neighbor of the gun-firing house believes the homeowner who fired at White did the right thing, citing an issue with larceny and thefts in the community. Nobody but the homeowner has any business on that land. That’s private property, said Jimmy Thompson, a neighbor. He also expressed amazement that the homeowner “didn’t murder him,” referring to the unauthorized intrusion.

Kelvin White was very fortunate. He might have gotten a lot worse than a gunshot wound to the leg after breaking into someone else’s home without permission. Perhaps, he has learnt his lesson and may serve as a warning to future criminals: Crime has repercussions, and they may be rather terrible. The homeowner who shot the invader will not face prosecution because he was protecting himself and his property. That is a good finish to a story.

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