7-Year-Old Boy Jumps Back Into Burning Home To Save His Baby Sister’s Life.

The bond of a brother and sister is very special. In happiness and times of trouble they will always be there for each other. Here is a brave brother who does the unthinkable to bring his sister to safety.

On December 8, Chris and Nicole had put their children to sleep by 8:30 pm. Hours later Nicole woke up due to the smell of smoke and released her home on fire. To make things worse her 22 month old baby Erin Davidson was trapped in her room.

There was nothing left outside to climb her window room. That’s when her little big brother Eli, 7, decided to be a superhero. The father Chris picked Eli who bravely went through the window, took her from the crib, held her close and came out of the burning house where the smoke and fire was so thick.

The house had become a hell till the time the firefighters reached. Eli revealed he was afraid but didn’t want his sister to die.

It’s definitely painful seeing the home you made with love and hard work burning in front of your eyes, however all thanks to the sweet brother who saved his little sister from the fire and stopped a big tragedy. The parents are proud of their boy who played a superhero to his sister.

Let us remind ourselves that we all have superhero qualities within us. Being kind, gentle, caring, loving, spreading happiness and positivity and being brave. Let us all be a superhero in our own way just like the little boy in this story. 

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