Bodybuilder Temporarily Paralyzed Returned Home As A Wonder Woman.

Story via T&T Creative Media

Life is a roller-coaster. Few accept defeat soon when life throws problems at them while some remain optimistic and remind themselves that bad times are only temporary. One such person is the Wonder Woman in the story below.

Debra Rosado-Bohac from Virginia, USA, in 2016 became an IFBB Pro at the North American Championship where she won her class in the Figure Division and won the overall.

However, on December 27 she felt an acute pain in her right leg while doing her regular workout. She cut short her workout and went home. Later that night she could hardly walk which made her husband Luke quickly take her to ER.

Debra was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome- a rare disorder which makes the immune system attack nerves causing paralysis.

The same evening Debra was put into the ICU where doctors informed Luke that there might be less than 10% chance of recovery.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines her family was not able to meet her at the ICU but her husband was by her side at the critical stage of illness. On her birthday the family gathered outside the window singing Happy Birthday.

Amazingly on January 19 during a therapy session which also happened to be Luke’s visit she was able to squeeze his hand. With immense hard work Debra quickly started her rehabilitation and was recovering faster that’s when her doctor wrote “She’s a wonder woman.”

When Debra was finally allowed to leave the hospital and go home she decided to dress like a Wonder Woman and surprise her family with the help of her husband.

She expressed how great it feels to be alive and to be reunited with her family. She with the help of her husband will try to be as fit as she can possibly be.

It’s wonderful to see Debra being positive and determined to accomplish something. A true winner!

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