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71-Yr-Old Grandma Kicked Off Flight, Airline’s Excuse Leaves People Mad.

Ellen Flemming, 71, is a frequent flier who has traveled several times without incident. So she was surprised by the reaction she got from Air Canada workers on the journey from Pearson International Airport in Toronto to New Brunswick after asking the flight attendant for a simple request.

Ellen was traveling with her husband and two grandkids when she requested a basic service from the cabin attendant. It was clearly nothing out of the usual. So she never expected the inquiry to start off a chain reaction that would result in the plane and her life being totally turned around. She was flung from the plane, much to her surprise and fear, and she believes she was hurt as a result.

Ellen said that the event started when she saw moist garbage in the front seat pocket. She summoned the flight attendant and requested him to remove it. So rather than assisting, he grew enraged and declined to do so. He hoisted himself to his full height and declared, he is a flight attendant, and he doesn’t look after rubbish, Ellen remembered.

The reaction surprised her, but she stayed cool, remaining sitting and without making a fuss. She attempted to remove the garbage herself when she saw the food cart pass by, but things rapidly worsened. The flight attendant reportedly swung her arm away, causing debris to fly all over Ellen and her husband before hitting the floor, where she swung her foot away.

Ellen was taken aback by the attitude and unreasonable behavior, but she assumed the problem was over. Unfortunately, things only got worse when she heard the captain explain the jet had to turn back and would be returning to British Columbia due to an incident.

Ellen had no idea the “event” was her at the time. when the jet touched down, she was removed off the plane by cops and informed she would not be permitted to ride Air Canada again. She couldn’t figure out why. Air Canada’s explanation didn’t help matters much either.

In a letter, the airline said that Ellen displayed violent conduct against a staff member; placed rubbish on the food trolley; kicked a crew member when asked to wait until the member could return and clean up the debris while he was serving meals. However, Ellen claims that this is not the case, and other passengers have come forward to defend her.

Helen Hollett, for example, claims she sat next to Ellen and her family for the whole of the journey. Helen claims she saw no evidence of the 71-year-old woman acting violently. Rather, she claims the flight attendant was “enraged” and “screaming” during the encounter. The issue is, most of the people on that plane had no idea what was going on, Helen remarked. Furthermore, the cops appear to be of the same mind, seeing no cause to pursue a case against the grandma, claiming no criminal violations occurred.

Let’s be honest about something. Travelers should appreciate the employees, but travelers should also be treated with dignity. And she didn’t do anything wrong. Rather, it all began because somebody opted to think “that’s not one’s duty.” Would it have harmed this flight attendant to simply take the garbage and improve this woman’s journey? Moreover, if it’s not their responsibility to take care of the trash, why do they come around and collect it after every flight one has ever taken?

If this flight attendant believes it’s beneath him to toss rubbish away for a passenger, he should find another job. But he doesn’t sound like he’d make a good employee anyplace. One should consider one’s work if one is capable of making a customer’s experience more enjoyable, regardless of how small the task. All of this might have been prevented if one employee had demonstrated a compassionate attitude instead of an entitled superiority complex. Unfortunately, an elderly woman paid for his conceit.

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