Mom Spends Family’s Savings On Lottery Tickets, Wants You To ‘Reimburse’ Her.

Cinnamon Nicole had no plan B when she put her whole life savings into her ambition of winning the record-breaking Powerball lottery. When the Tennessee mother found that she, like many other lottery players, had not picked the winning numbers, her fantasy was immediately dashed.

Many individuals believe that winning the lottery is their sole chance of resolving their financial problems. Making it big by landing a million-dollar jackpot may sometimes appear much more tempting and reachable than working hard over the course of a lifetime.

Cinnamon should’ve realized she stood a higher chance of getting struck by lightning or being murdered by a collapsing vending machine than winning the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot. Despite this, the starry-eyed mother squandered every penny she had saved on random numbers, expecting to strike it big the easy way.

Cinnamon realized she had squandered her family’s sole source of income on an unwinnable venture after the winning combination was revealed. Rather than accepting responsibility for her foolish and frivolous acts, she devised a method to deceive taxpayers into bearing the price for her rash decision.

Cinnamon set up a GoFundMe site and requested total strangers to donate money not just to refund her asinine Powerball loss but also to sponsor her next lottery spending binge. Unafraid of her financial failures, she sought for $100,000 from donations so she may try her luck at the lottery again.

Remarkably, the desperate mum raised $810 in the first 10 hours, with one contributor contributing $300. Along with his substantial contribution, Johnathan Maravilla strangely inquired, “Are these gifts tax-deductible?”, hoping to profit from her strategy as well.

Cinnamon includes an odd quid-pro-quo in an attempt to entice contributors to contribute. She offered to give supporters a “shoutout” and make them her “Man Crush Monday” or “Woman Crush Wednesday” on social media in return for their monetary donation.

Cinnamon’s GoFundMe page was withdrawn and the money returned to contributors once it was identified as a fake. Yet, social media users debated Cinnamon’s genuine motivation for launching the website.

Others said that Cinnamon was wrong to ask for money when she acknowledged to making a bad judgement and that she would do it again. Others said that she couldn’t be blamed for attempting, and that if others wanted to donate, they should be able to do so.

We’ll never know whether Cinnamon honestly thought she deserved to collect money from kind people and spend it on lottery tickets again. One thing is for sure: she was totally honest about her ridiculous ideas.

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