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72-Year-Old Chases Neighbor in Tractor During Florida Property Line Feud.

We’re hearing 911 calls for the first time from a peculiar altercation between neighbors that culminated with one man chasing the other down with a tractor.

Howell Morris, 72, is seeking aggravated assault charges for an incident that occurred last month in Florida.

The neighbor’s wife captured the moment Morris charged after his neighbor with farm equipment on video. According to arrest records, it was that footage that prompted officers to put him in handcuffs.


TRACTOR CHASE: A fight between two Florida men led to an unusual case. One of the men was caught on camera chasing the other with a tractor. Story:

Posted by KRON 4 News on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The footage captures the woman’s husband, Scott Lynch, fleeing for his life as Morris pursues him with a tractor. Morris is said to have screamed “run, fat (expletive)!” as he pursued the victim.

Lynch’s wife phoned 911 twice that day, the first to report a property dispute.

“OK, so he’s vandalizing your property?” says the 911 dispatcher.

“Yeah,” Mrs. Lynch says. It belongs to us. It’s at our disposal. He believes he has a right to it, yet he is ruining property and obstructing our driveway.”

But by the time Mrs. Lynch phoned again, things had escalated significantly.

“And when you say he came after your husband with his tractor, did he pursue him down?” asks the 911 dispatcher.

Lynch, Mrs “Yeah. He pursued him on his tractor, and my spouse had to flee.”

Scott informed cops that he was afraid for his life.

According to the arrest record, the chase ended when Scott locked the garage door.

Morris was ordered by a judge not to communicate with his neighbor.

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