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Woman Throws Her Newborn Baby Into Neighbor’s Backyard.

Camille Wasinger-Konrad, 25, from Colorado was found guilty of killing her new-born after flinging her baby girl into a neighbor’s yard in 2021. As per the press release, a Douglas County judges found Camille guilty on all three counts of first-degree killing.  

As per the prosecuting attorney, Camille was living on a rental room when she gave birth to her baby girl on Jan. 2, 2018. To stop the infant from crying, she covered the infant’s mouth and nose and then took the new-born down to back area where she flung the infant into a neighbor’s patio.

The neighbour found the new-born deceased and notified the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

The baby girl was on that deck for several hours and Camille went about her day, fully aware that her new-born daughter was there stranded and the little unnamed girl passes away in the cold

Camille’s punishing is set for Nov. 15. The obligatory ruling for first-degree homicide is life in jail without the likelihood of bail.

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said in the media announcement that it is not only justice for the new-born but also a statement for the Douglas County public in how powerfully they have faith in the criminal justice structure. Tony further said that they are happy to be a part of taking this killer to justice.

The media announcement also noted that Colorado has a Safe Haven Law whereby a parent can hand over a new-born up to 72 hours old to a member of staff at any fire station or hospice without being questioned.

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