Woman Shares How Her Insurance Company Tried Ripping Her Off After A Check-Up For Breast Cancer.

While many nations across the world look at American healthcare with confusion (and fear), for most Americans, this is just another day at the office. However, the accounts of those who have had direct experience with the American healthcare system reveal the true scale of the problem. Like this anonymous lady in the story who remembered and shared her experience at the mammography office. Read the story and share your views on this.

Source: Reddit

Mammogram office: “Hi! We’re calling with bad news. Your diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound are not covered fully by your insurance. Your insurance has negotiated a rate of $775.”

Me: “Ok. Are you sure it’s not covered? I felt a lump, my doctor confirmed there’s a lump, and deemed it urgent to be looked at.”

Mammogram office: “No, unfortunately it’s not covered. And, since you haven’t hit your $3000 deductible, we’ll have to charge you up front.”

Me: “Uhhhh ok. What is the cash price?”

Mammogram office: “Your negotiated rate is $775.”

Me: “No. what if I don’t use my insurance and just pay cash?”

Mammogram office: “The cash price is $350. But, that won’t apply to your deductible.”

Me: “I’m going to roll the dice and hope it’s not breast cancer requiring further treatment. I’ll pay the cash price.”

Mammogram office: “Are you sure?”

Me: “yes I’m sure. Why is it more expensive for me when we put hundreds of dollars a month for insurance? Why are there two different prices? Since my doctor deemed it medically necessary and urgent for me to get diagnostics done, shouldn’t it be covered?”

Mammogram office: crickets

Me: “Sorry… I shot the messenger. My credit card number is…”

More details on their circumstance were provided by the author.

1. I don’t have breast cancer, so I rolled the dice correctly. There’s not way I’m going to meet my deductible by the end of the year, so I’m not paying double just for the heck of it.

2. Why wouldn’t a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound be covered? My doctor deemed it medically necessary and urgent that I be evaluated. There was a freaking lump in my boob that wasn’t there last month.

3. Why are there two freaking prices for the exact same procedure? I’m so done with American healthcare. We pay HUNDREDS of dollars a month, only to pay for things out of pocket because we’ll never hit our stupid high deductible and the cash price is always cheaper.

Edit: I should probably clarify that the mammogram center was in network. It was billed as diagnostic, not routine. I am angry that, to use my insurance and apply it to my deductible, I would have to pay double what the cash price is. You also shouldn’t have to the savvy in the “tricks of the trade” to not get fleeced by your insurance company.

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