8-Month-Old Girl Dies After Being Left in Hot Car While Dad Was Getting Arrested, Police Say.

As per authorities, an 8-month-old Georgia child died in a hot car as her father was being detained.

Davied Japez McCorry Whatley, 20, is currently charged with the murder of his baby daughter Nova Grace Whatley-Trejo, since he never disclosed the girl was left there, according to authorities.

According to the Snellville Police Department, McCorry entered the police station lobby soon after 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday to recover a seized weapon.

Officers did a background check to ensure they weren’t providing a pistol to a convicted criminal; indeed, they discovered McCorry had a warrant out for a probation violation linked to a hit-and-run with no insurance. As a result, he was captured and brought to the Gwinnett County prison.

He’d be freed on bail a few hours later. What the cops didn’t realize was that his young daughter had been left in his car the whole time.

A man accused of leaving his 8-month-old daughter in his car for hours after he was taken into custody at the Snellville Police Department has been charged with second-degree murder, officials said during a Wednesday news conference. The toddler had been left in the hot car while her father, 20-year-old Davied Japez McCorry Whatley of Grayson, went to pick up a gun that was being held in police property custody, Snellville Detective Jeff Manley said. Whatley went into the building around 2:15 p.m., police said. It was not until after 9 p.m. that the girl was taken to the emergency room by her grandmother, Manley said, though the child had already died. At the news conference, the GBI identified the girl as Nova Grace Whatley-Trejo. According to Manley, police property custodians run a background check on anyone attempting to retrieve a gun to ensure they are not releasing a firearm to someone with a felony conviction. The background check on Whatley revealed a warrant for his arrest due to a probation violation and he was taken into custody, Manley said. #bringbackourchildren #saveourchildren #theteawithtee #every40seconds

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Detective Jeff Manely said during a news briefing that he made no remarks about his daughter being left in the car two buildings away from the Snellville Police Department.

He was in the presence of the cops for more than 40 minutes, which was captured on dash cam and body cam. He made no claims about the kid’s presence.

They have footage of him from the moment he stepped into this lobby until they took him to Gwinnett County Detention Center and released him to sheriff’s deputies. Detective Jeff stressed that he was on film the entire time and he never stated that the kid was in the vehicle.

The tragedy was first discovered by police after the small girl’s grandmother arrived to Piedmont Eastside Emergency Room at 10 p.m. The infant was declared deceased.

The grandmother informed medical personnel that the infant had been left in her father’s car after he was pulled up for a traffic violation; police claim this is false. Dective Manely added that there was no traffic stop whatsoever and that did not occur.

According to investigators, Whatley alerted the grandmother at some point that his child was in the car, and she went to get her.

When police were told of Whatley’s death, they claim they located his automobile parked near the dumpsters at Snellville City Hall, according to Fox

After bonding out on the original allegation on Tuesday night, Whatley was arrested again on Wednesday morning and charged with second-degree

Detective Manely told reporters that it is extremely surprised that someone could leave an 8-month-old in a car, park away from their building, and come up here knowing the baby girl was in the car.

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