Black couple adopts three white kids and shares their journey: “Families don’t have to match”

Sadie and Jarvis Sampson struggled for years to conceive – they tried everything until they surrendered themselves to being an aunt and uncle forever, until they got a message that transformed their lives overnight.

The pair had been attempting to conceive since they wedded in January 2018, but when that didn’t work out, they tried everything else.

The Houston mother said ovulation tests, prenatal vitamins, cycle monitoring apps, and fertility monitors.

They even ignored unwelcome counsel from friends, family, and strangers. They attempted, prayed, and waited for 14 months. From month to month. After a negative pregnancy test, another negative test. They appeared to be in need of assistance in order to conceive. They even went as far as to talk to physicians about it.

Doctors did not appear to be of much assistance to the couple. They all informed Sadie that if she reduced weight, she would be able to conceive, so with no other options, she underwent gastric surgery and lost 28 pounds.

Sadie’s OBGYN expressed her delight at her weight reduction and informed her how pleased she was of her.

“She informed me that if I wasn’t pregnant within six months, she’d refer me to a fertility expert since she couldn’t administer the fertility medicine,” Sadie explained. “I was overjoyed about it. Finally, we got anything other than a negative response! We were ecstatic when we got a ‘not right now.'”

Unfortunately, the couple did not become pregnant as quickly as they had hoped after Sadie dropped weight, and they felt like they were back at square one.

Sadie explained that she felt like she was born to be a mother. Her surgeon had spent a long time warning her about how fertile she would be following surgery, yet she was still not pregnant. As a result, they gave up. They understood they were only meant to be aunts and uncles to their nieces and godparents to their goddaughters.

Sadie got a message from a friend asking if they would accept fostering a baby that a couple she knew was contemplating for their baby, just as the couple had chosen to give up their sad attempts to conceive.

The couple was first apprehensive since they had been ordered by a caseworker to care for the infant while the mother got therapy. The couple was concerned that they might become overly connected to the kid. That tale, however, soon altered.

The caseworker explained that the birth mother has chosen that she would prefer them to adopt the kid instead.

“‘Holy crap!!,” Sadie exclaimed as she remembered the time she found out she was going to be a mother.

Overnight, they went from not having any children to the potential of fostering one to, ‘You guys are parents!’ Still in shock, she listened to the case worker as she spoke. She  hung up and dialed her husband’s number explaining that they’d like them to adopt the child. She yelled with joy they wanted them to have children. The husband responded  that he assumed they merely wanted them to nurture him. To which she answered they want them to be his mother and father.

The couple spent the weekend digesting the surprising news while also bracing themselves in case the mother altered her mind.

On Monday, the couple was told that not only did the mother actually want them to adopt the baby, but that she wanted to undertake an independent adoption and was prepared to sign the paperwork that day.

Their son was delivered at 33 weeks, seven weeks early. He weighed 4 pounds, 5 ounces. Sadie remarked, he actually fit in one of her husband’s palms.

Sadie added he was swaddled in a white blanket with pink and blue patterns. Because he was early, he couldn’t feed on his own and had an NG tube going out of his nose. Nevertheless, he was adorable.

The couple announced their engagement on social media and was encouraged to create a registry. They advertised 72 things, and after only three days, 55 of them had been purchased.

Ezra Lee’s adoption was concluded in October 2020, and the pair had the cutest family photographs done wearing t-shirts that proclaimed “families don’t have to match.”

Through embryo donation, Sadie and Jarvis became parents to twin girls Journee and Destinee in 2021. The black couple became parents to three white children — a boy and two girls – while adhering to their family credo, “Families don’t have to match.”

Anyone who passes judgment on this wonderful family has only one reaction: their family is based on the most solid foundation imaginable — love.

Congratulations to this beautiful family!

Such a wonderful story from a lovely family with a lot to teach the rest of the world. Please spread the word.

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