9-Year-Old Boy Is Sole Survivor Of Campground Shooting That Left His Parents And Sister Dead

When three members of the same family were shot and died on Friday, a family camping trip turned tragic. The event happened in Iowa’s Maquoketa Caves State Park.

Father Tyler Schmidt, mother Sarah Schmidt, and one of the two kids, Lula Schmidt, age 6, were named as the deceased family members. Arlo Schmidt, age 9, was the sole survivor.

Sarah Schmidt was a popular employee of the Cedar Falls Public Library, according to Cedar Falls Mayor Rob Green. They “were regular walkers here in the Sartori Park neighborhood,” he claimed of the family. The news has heartbroken him.

Cops scoured the area after arriving at the Maquoketa Caves State Park campsite and discovered another corpse. Anthony Orlando Sherwin, 23, was the person whose body was found. Sherwin apparently shot himself in the head before passing away. In this continuing investigation, he is the main suspect.

In this instance, the motivation is unclear. Sherwin had no acquaintance with the Schmidts on a personal level. Jana Morehouse, Sarah Schmidt’s sister, wrote on Facebook that she thought it was “a random act of brutality.” Similar remarks were made to the Associated Press by Brother Adam Morehouse.

Mother of the dead suspect, Cecilia Sherwin, did not think her son could have committed such a heinous act. “Anthony was incapable of this type of brutality,” she remarked.

At the same location, her family was also tent camping. She heard arguing and two gunshots on Friday morning. After hearing that a guy in black had slaughtered his family, a child hurried to the Sherwins’ campground. Anthony, according to Cecilia, was donning green.

Cecilia Sherwin acknowledged that her family was lawfully transporting a pistol that was hidden within a safe container. They believe (Anthony) may have felt danger and grabbed the revolver for safety, she said. They deny to believe the news. They are quite heartbroken because he had so much to live for and showed no signs of illness to them.

According to Cecilia Sherwin, she and her family have “completely cooperated with the cops and investigating team” from the beginning.

Both authorities and neighbors are responding to this terrible news. She is appalled by the shooting this morning at Maquoketa Caves State Park and grieved by the loss of three innocent lives, said Kim Reynolds, governor of Iowa.

In a tweet, Senator Chuck Grassley expressed his prayers for the departed and their loved ones. He appreciate camp personnel and Iowa law enforcement for responding and protecting the protection of other campers. Violence is not acceptable. To kill innocent people is disgusting.

Arlo’s GoFundMe campaign has garnered more than $220,000 in donations. Beth Shapiro, Sarah’s cousin, founded it. According to the website, “Arlo is a strong youngster and is supported as much as we can by family and friends.”

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