Two Schools Cancel ‘Grease’ Production After Students Complain It’s Offensive

When it comes to social concerns, there are certain old movies and TV series that don’t appear to have aged well. This holds true for the themes of musicals and theater plays as well. A collaborative performance of “Grease” by students from Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) and Scotch College in Perth, Australia, was scheduled to take place in 2022; however, the musical was cancelled as a result of objections from several students. The staging of a new play in 2022 has not yet been confirmed.

In a joint statement issued in November 2021, Cate Begbie, the principal of PLC, and Peter Burt, the headmaster at Scotch College, revealed that “Grease” had been canceled owing to content that students deemed to be disrespectful and misogynistic. It was specifically highlighted in the song “Summer Nights” phrase “Did she put up a fight?” was improper.

Some parents have complained that not every kid had the opportunity to voice their thoughts about postponing the play. They further stated that other students were never contacted and that only a “small percentage” of PLC students considered the performance objectionable. They said that the musical shouldn’t have been completely abandoned but rather may have been updated for a more contemporary audience.

Olivia Newton-John, one of the stars of the movie “Grease,” has already addressed allegations that the movie is sexist and believes that the movie is merely designed for fun and should not be taken seriously. Continue reading to understand more about this incident and to get more insight into Newton-John’s viewpoints. 

In a joint statement, PLC and Scotch College administrators stated that “Grease” had been considered unsuitable and would not be performed. According to PLC principal Cate Begbie and headmaster of Scotch College Peter Burt, “a number of PLC students raised worries if the musical was acceptable in current times.”

Scotch College listened politely to the girls’ worries, and both institutions decided a new musical would be more appropriate for their combined production in 2022.

Regarding allegations that the subject matter of “Grease” is inappropriate, Olivia Newton-John responded. She find it to be quite stupid. She means, this film, which is about the 1950s, was produced in the 1970s. It was a theatrical performance, a musical, and it was entertaining. It’s a fun film musical, so don’t take it too seriously, she remarked in a February 2021 episode of the “A Life of Greatness” podcast.

The actress justified Sandy by saying that her love interest, Danny, also experiences a significant metamorphosis in the movie when he turns into a jock. Sandy’s ambition to transform for a man was thus unfairly criticized.

The lead actor believes that the musical and movie were not meant to be taken seriously. Added Newton-John, “We must unwind a little and simply appreciate things as they are. I didn’t perceive it that way at all; instead, I thought it was a lighthearted film that amuses viewers.”

'Outrageous': Grease cancelled at two schools over sexist themes

Sky News host Chris Smith says it is “just outrageous” two high schools have cancelled the musical production of Grease over outdated, sexist themes. Read the full story at

Posted by Sky News Australia on Wednesday, 17 November 2021
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