92-year-old told she only has weeks left to live – defies the odds to meet her namesake

This unique pair, who have been married for 75 years, understand the value of family.

Kayla Tracy, the couple’s great-granddaughter, presented their tale to demonstrate what real love looks like and the excitement they both felt at the thought of holding a new baby.

Kayla’s great-grandfather served in WWII and lives by the slogan, “Work every day or you’ll be short one.”

Kayla explained that this man is blind and has lost 90% of his hearing, yet he still works as a log slitter and feeds the fish in their pond on his 85-acre property.

They raised three sons and now have seven great-grandchildren and twelve great-great-grandchildren.

Kayla expressed that these two lovebirds have been married for seventy-five years. There have been numerous heartbreaks as well as smiles and pleasant times throughout the last 75 years. They are a Godly couple from the inside out, and they were always in church every Sunday.

However, the family just received some tragic news. Kayla’s 92-year-old great-grandmother was told by her doctor that she only had three weeks to live after displaying indications of renal failure.

Kayla stated that her sister opted to stop her work to care for her. Her pregnant sister was also present at the moment. She looked after their great-grandmother till she gave birth at 36 weeks.

Kayla pointed out, ‘she just wanted to live long enough to see the newborn girl,’ her great-grandmother would say. Her great-grandmother was overjoyed when Magnolia Jean came! Maybe because Magnolia is named after her, Jean Roper.

Yesterday I photographed something very special. My great grandmother and grandfather meeting my niece for the first time. I can't help but share this moment, so much love. So many tears were shed. ❤️

Posted by Kayla Tracy Photography on Sunday, February 4, 2018

Her great-grandmother began to recuperate as soon as her sister delivered birth. She was preparing meals and doing housework. She couldn’t wait to hold her new great-great-grandchild.

Kayla, a professional photographer, photographed the memorable occasion.

Kayla claimed her great-grandmother became stronger, and nine weeks after she was given the sad prognosis, she and her husband celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary – and Kayla was there to photograph the two on their 85-acre estate.

Kayla, who owns her own photography business, Kayla Tracy Photography said that one of the many motivations she became a photographer was to take these photographs. It signifies everything to her to be able to stop these memories for her family and for them.

She adores photographing them whenever she can. She considers herself extremely fortunate to have captured such genuine affection. She can only dream for such affection with her hubby. She wants all to witness these photographs and realise that true love exists.

These lovely photos show how much these two adore one other. I’m delighted Jean was able to spend time with the family’s newest member; it certainly provided her renewed strength to continue on.

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