Boy, four, asked mum not to kill him before she drowned him in bath

Oluwakemi Badare, 37, a mentally disordered mother drowned her 4 year-old child, Kingswealth Bayode, in the bath and told the cops that the child said not to kill him before she sank him. The boy was declared dead by Paramedics at the sight.

The mother, who suffers from suspicious schizophrenia, had declined killing but was believed unfit to plead as she was not able to understand the charges. She was found accountable for her son’s murder by the judges following a trial of issue at the Old Bailey.

In the course of the hearing, prosecuting attorney Duncan Atkinson QC said that on December 27, 2020, the London Ambulance Service was called by the offender to her address in Plumstead. She said the emergency operator that she had murdered her son and clarified that she had drowned him. She moreover said that she had left him in the bath and fails to recall about him.

When paramedics attended, they found Kingswealth’s body at the stairs outside the bathroom. Paramedics found the wet body of the boy and his death was due to sinking. There was no normal illness that might have instigated him to sink but there were a number of cuts, bruises and skin blemishes about his head, neckline and upper body constant with force from fingernails and central pressure to the head. This recommends that the child had been held under the water and drowned intentionally.

Badare was detained for murder to which she said that “yes”, as she “be unable to remember him in the bath” before crumpling. While she was initially suitable to interview but later became unpredictable in her prison cell. Judges were told that Kingswealth had been drowned by somebody, rather than by chance.

Subsequent her detention for killing in 2020, she told a custody nurse that she had earlier tried to murder her son. Mr Atkinson had said that the hearing advice that it is not likely to be an accident that, when ill, the perpetrator should try to drown her son in 2017 and yet again in 2020, once more when she was ill. He further added that the boy should essentially drown by chance rather than by her action.

Mr Atkinson told judges that their business would be to resolve whether she did the action with which she is accused, that she sank her son purposely or by chance. Badare had not recognized that her child was departed and had been considered unhealthy to plead upon a medicinal and psychiatric evaluation.

Detective Inspector Jason Crinnion of the Met’s Specialist Crime (Homicide) said that this incident is so sad as Kingswealth lost his life at the hands of his mom, who is visibly very ill.

Pronouncing of judgment will be taking place on July 20 when a hospital order will be enforced.

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