Two-Year-Old Infant Mauled and Mutilated By Pack of Puppies Affected by ‘Littermate Syndrome’

Just 2 year old little Felicity’s was found unconscious and perhaps lost an eye after she was attacked by a pack of her family’s pups. Felicity’s household was organizing for their housewarming get-together and a double birthday celebration earlier this month along with the family’s four 12-week-old puppies when the misfortune happened.

Sierra Michele, the kid’s mother said that they had the puppies for 3 weeks and they’d not ever given them any cause to not let their kids to play with them. Michele left her hubby with the four children as she went to take a bath.

After coming out, she directed her oldest daughter to tell their father to keep an eye on the kids as she left for the nearby store in Bakersfield, California to get gifts for the get-together. She then later made a call to her hubby to tell him that she would be away for roughly three hours.

Michele wrote in a GoFundMe campaign explanation that she asked her husband about the kids that if he has Felicity around, to which he replied ‘no’, he does not see her and look as if she shadowed everybody inside. Michele then called her daughter, Sam. Though the call was breaking up due to spotty reception, she was capable to make out the words that Sam telling her father that Felicity is bleeding and need to rush to hospital.

Sierra further wrote that she turned the car around and saw their van running down the road and her hubby signalling them to follow. She called her husband and he said that Felicity’s missing an eye and he found her unconscious under the peach tree and dialled 911.

While reaching to the hospital, the family established that the only thing in the garden that could have triggered that kind of injury to Felicity was the puppies. Sierra later posted an update on the campaign page and said the four puppies ate Felicity’s ear and disfigured her face, neck, and mostly upper body. Little Felicity goes through three hours of plastic surgery and is recuperating well but will have several surgeries going forward.

At this time, Sierra Michele is hopeful that her family’s disastrous story will blow-out attentiveness about the threats of Littermate Syndrome. It is a grave behavioural disorder in which young dogs attached too firmly with one another, which can cause panic when come across new circumstances when unaccompanied.

The campaign page read to help them spread the word about this possibly fatal topic. The family don’t want what transpired to their family to occur to anybody else ever again.

Both parents and each family member have acknowledged full accountability for what transpired and actions have by now been taken to eradicate any forthcoming incidences. So far, the family’s GoFundMe has raised-up more than $10,000 to support Felicity’s medicinal expenditures. 

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