A 30 Y.O. Man Is In Love With Me.

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So yeah, i’m a 15 y.o. girl and a 30 y.o. man is in love with me. We met on an online video game, i was naive and thought that i made a normal friend, added him on discord an all. We played a few games sometimes and sometimes chatted. But then the few games and chats started to becoming playing and chatting literally everyday, for the entire day.

First i was stupid and naive and didn’t think anything of it, i thought it’s completely normal and didn’t even think about his age. I even started to vent to him about my mental health and stuff, we were very close friends, that’s what i thought.

But then he started using stuff i told him against me, he started guilt tripping me when i told him NO to some things and started blaming me. Because of my mental health I was in no good position and i just listened to him and apologised every time, i didn’t want to lose a close friend, but at the same time i wanted him to disappear from my life.

I many times threatened to end the friendship and even tried to some times, but every time he managed to guilt trip me into not ending it. And i was already creeped out from him because of the big age gap, one time I posted a post on Insta and he told me that i’m hot and sexy, i was so uncomfortable.

One day he suddenly confessed that he has feelings for me, i was so uncomfortable and at the same time so happy because i finally found a good enough reason to end the friendship, so that’s what i did.

That happened i think 6th January 2022, and since then he has been messaging me nonstop, begging for another chance, telling me he changed (no way a person can change in that short time), and even tho i told him many times to leave me alone, he just keeps talking and talking, saying the same thing over and over again, trying to convince me.

No way i’m getting back to that toxic friendship. He even messaged my friends, trying to convince them that he is not a bad guy, but luckily they are on my side. And sure, maybe he is not a pedophile according to the laws, but for me it is wrong and I feel uncomfortable.

Is she doing the right thing ?

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