Grandmother Refuses To Stop Seeing Her Grandchild After Her Son, 40, Abandons The Mom, 20.

For every mother their child is their world. So, when a child does something wrong instead of supporting the child it’s important to correct them and make them understand their actions are wrong. A woman who loves her child but knows his action is unjustified at the same time is a grandmother to a lovely innocent granddaughter. Read this story which is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Do you agree with the grandmother? 

Source: Reddit

My son (40) is what people call a “ladies man”. I had no problem with it until last year when he got a girl (20) pregnant because he said that condoms don’t work for him so they had unprotected sex.

When he found out about the baby he blocked the mom and ghosted her for a month. He came to tell me about it one his baby’s mom reached out again saying that he didn’t have to care for the baby, but that he had to pay child support.

I was shocked and told him that he could either step up or not, but that I would have a relationship with the child because it is my only grandchild. He chose to not step up and tried to fight child support, but a month ago he was placed on it.

Now that my granddaughter Lily is born, I have been helping pay for everything because her mom is in college and my son quit his job so his payment would go down. I am very disappointed in him. I watch Lily during her mom’s classes and pay for her to have a nanny so the mom can work hard to get her degree.

Money is no problem for my family, but my son is very angry that I am helping them out. He says that they should not get my money and that if the mom needed help then she should have aborted it. I told him that I will continue to help them because my granddaughter is innocent in this and that he was the one who refused to wear a condom so they should not have their life ruined.

He said that it is either him or them and I said that I would always help my granddaughter. He has stopped talking to me and my daughter said that I went to far and that I should just cut ties with them.

Am I the idiot for helping them against my son’s wishes?

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