A 5-year-old terrorizes residents of an Alabama neighborhood while dressed as Chucky.

There are certain things in life that call for a second look. It was watching what seemed to be a Chucky doll come to life going down the street in an Alabama neighborhood that Kendra Walden experienced.

When the 31-year-old from Albertville, Alabama, first saw a life-sized replica of the deadly doll from the 1988 horror movie “Child’s Play,” she was in a car with two other ladies.

Walden explained that she was in the neighborhood refurbishing a house, and was going home from that house.

Walden claimed that she believed she was dreaming. She remarked, they noticed that it was real as they went closer to him. It absolutely terrified them.

Everybody in the car, according to Walden, was “screaming like small kids, Walden stated.

The previous day, her brother Zack, a Marine, was working on this house, Walden stated. He would have passed away right there since Chucky is his worst dread in the entire universe.

Alexis Atchley, the person Walden said was operating the vehicle, reportedly turned around so everybody can have a better view.

When they turned around, the youngster had taken off his mask, but he immediately put it back on and crossed the street after they passed, according to Walden. They made a second turn, and that’s when they took the pictures.

Walden posted three pictures of the event to her Facebook page.

Walden captioned the images, ‘Dear parents of the little child in the chucky costume in Pinson. I almost had a heart attack, GET YOUR KID.”

Walden said that she did not anticipate her social media post, which has received more than 51,000 likes and 105,000 shares, to become viral.

Dear Parents of the little boy in the chucky costume in Pinson. GET YOUR KID.… I almost had a heart attack. 🫣😟

Posted by Kendra Walden on Wednesday, 13 July 2022

It was initially secret, but a friend wanted to make it public, and ever since then, she claimed, things have been insane. Since there are so many on the Chucky thread, she hardly ever checks her notifications. Numerous individuals have contacted her regarding sharing it and other related issues.

When the article was published, it had received over 16,000 comments.

One user stated, “THIS is what occurs when there isn’t a Chucky movie at least every few years.” He goes out into the streets.

Another said, “I would literally die.”

Who was the only viewer of the now-viral post? the mother of “Chucky,” age 5.

When the mom of the youngster ultimately left a comment on their page, Walden stated, “they realized it was her son after glancing at her images.”

Walden claimed that not everyone has been as amused by Chucky’s Alabama antics, despite the fact that most people are.

Walden added that so many individuals have chuckled with them over their post, yet some others have said extremely crude comments about him crossing the street by himself and so forth. He did cross the street by himself, but before doing so, he made sure they were stopped and checked both directions.

It’s heartbreaking to see so many people criticize his mom for letting her son have some fun, with his grandma nearby observing it all, she continued. She wished everybody had a better attitude.

Chucky Patrols Neighborhood

What would you do if you saw #Chucky roaming the neighborhood? A little boy in Pinson, Alabama is giving some folks quite the scare with his old #Halloween costume! 😱 📸 Kendra Walden 🎥 Alexis Atchley

Posted by WLKY News on Monday, 25 July 2022

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