I only shower every 10 days — and I don’t care if you think I stink

Many people take a shower every day, but one lady says she sometimes spends more than a week without taking a bath and she has never felt better.

After confessing in a TikTok that she only takes showers once every ten days, 23-year-old Aydan Jane has both interested and repulsed individuals.

She added in the 2.9 million-view video that she is living evidence that one doesn’t have to wash regularly to look and feel wonderful.


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The only difference, according to Aydan, who describes herself as “the girl who doesn’t bathe & reveals her period online,” is that her hair would be curlier if she washed it more frequently.

She also reacted to questions about her stench by claiming she doesn’t smell, despite doubters’ suggestions that she take more showers.

Since water is a scarce resource, Jane argued that taking fewer showers would be good for the environment.

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The TikTokker claimed that neither her bathing routine nor when she has her period changes.

“You are not unclean because of your period. In response to a remark, she declared that periods are not filthy.

It’s also crucial to remember that the vagina self-cleans, so you don’t need to clean it, she said.

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The majority of comments disagreed with her once per ten-day bathing plan, though.

One perplexed user remarked, “It’s summer,” while others just replied, “Nope.”

Hollywood last year accepted the absence of regular showering, with stars like Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey, and Cameron Diaz confessing to it.

Even while Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Julie Russak earlier stated that there’s no risk in waiting a day or two between showers, she now claims that doing so might potentially damage the skin.

Russak said that one still has to consider all the bacteria and [toxins] that collect on the skin. The body naturally eliminates toxins when it sweats. However, one doesn’t want to keep it on their skin for too long because that might lead to folliculitis, acne, and other skin issues.

Daily exercise should be followed by a brief washing, but only “in the areas that have larger concentrations of sweat buildup,” according to Russak.

She said that the bacterium that creates body odor coexists with those that might lead to illnesses and that when you smell, it’s time to take a shower.

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