‘Goodfellas’ actor Paul Sorvino, 83, passed away.

Paul Sorvino, an actor best remembered for playing Paul Cicero in “Goodfellas,” has passed away. He was also the dad of Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino. He was 83.

He died naturally in Indiana on Monday morning, with his wife Dee Dee by his side.

She stated in a statement that their hearts are crushed, there will never be another Paul Sorvino, he was the love of her life, and one of the finest artists to ever grace the cinema and stage.

Mira, 54, on Monday tweeted that The wonderful Paul Sorvino, her dad, has died. A life of love, laughter, and insight with him is finished, and her heart is torn to pieces. He was the best parent ever. She really adores him. She is sending her love as he climbs through the heavens.

Sorvino, who has amassed more than 100 acting credits, excelled at portraying gangsters and police officers, most notably in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 blockbuster “Goodfellas” and as NYPD Sgt. Phil Cerreta on Seasons 2 and 3 of “Law & Order.”

In Warren Beatty’s “Reds,” he portrayed an Italian American Communist; in Joe Johnston’s “The Rocketeer,” a crime leader; in Oliver Stone’s “Nixon,” Henry Kissinger; and in Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet,” Fulgencio Capulet.

Sorvino, who was born in Brooklyn in 1939, studied drama at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York. In 1964, he made his Broadway debut in “Bajour,” and in 1970, he signed on to star in his first film, “Where’s Poppa?”

In 2002, he admitted to having three heroes: Muhammad Ali, Desmond Tutu, and Martin Luther King Jr.

They are truly citizens of Planet Earth, he declared, sacrificing themselves and endangering their lives for what they believed in.

Christopher Serrone, who portrayed the young Henry Hill at the beginning of “Goodfellas,” revealed that Sorvino will sing opera in between filming for the film’s 30th anniversary in 2020.

Sorvino once remembered feeling typecast for his pivotal part in “Goodfellas,” which launched his fame.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, he reportedly claimed, “There are many folks who assume he is genuinely a gangster or a mafioso, partly because of ‘Goodfellas’. He added that he guesses that’s the price one pays for playing a part well.

From his first union with Lorraine Davis, he had 3 kids, among them Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino. He also starred and directed a movie that his daughter Amanda and son Michael wrote.

In addition, Sorvino was a vocal opponent of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who was charged with blacklisting Mira for allegedly rejecting his approaches in a sexual manner.

He asserted that if he had learned about the accusations of sexual harassment, assault, and blacklisting made against the “Shakespeare in Love” director at the time, “He would not be walking.” He’d been in a wheelchair.

He then remarked, “His daughter is a beautiful person. “A brave and great person who doesn’t deserve to be treated so poorly by this swine. This pig will receive his just punishment. Law will pursue him. He’ll get arrested and end up dying in jail. However, if he doesn’t… he’ll simply slap him. He is not going to do anything bad.

When she received the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1996 for her work in the Woody Allen film, “Mighty Aphrodite,” the actress memorably praised her father in her acceptance speech.

She remarked in her speech, which made him happy tears, “When you give me this prize, you honor my father, Paul Sorvino, who has taught me everything he knows about acting.”

In a 2015 New York Times story commemorating the 25th anniversary of “Goodfellas,” it was mentioned that Sorvino had expressed his joy at landing the role.

He claimed that he had acted in several comedies and tragedies, but he had never played a genuinely strong person. He never had it in him. And this role required a lethality that he thought was much above his capabilities. Three days before the commencement of the shoot, he phoned his boss and demanded to be let go. He is going to damage both the image of this wonderful man and himself. Being sensible, he offered the advice, “Call me tomorrow, and if it’s necessary, I’ll get you out.”

Then, he said, he was going by the hallway mirror to straighten his tie. He was simply distraught. He really leaped back a foot after taking a peek at himself in the mirror. He noticed a look in his eyes that he had never noticed before. He was terrified and felt extremely threatened by the soulless, lethal stare in his eyes. He’ve discovered it, he replied as he turned to face the sky.

Dee Dee So, Sorvino’s wife, his three grown children Mira, Amanda, and Michael, as well as five grandkids, all survive him.

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