Ben Affleck’s Eldest Daughter Missed Bennifer Wedding Due To Loyalty To Mom Jennifer Garner: Report

Although Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are officially legally wed, not all approve of their relationship. According to rumors, Violet, the Argo actor’s oldest child with Jennifer Garner, chose not to attend the Las Vegas wedding out of regard for her mom.

Beginning in 2004, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner enjoyed a thirteen-year romance. After being married in 2005, the couple raised three kids together: Violet is now 17 years old, Seraphina is 13 years old, and Samuel is 10 years old. In July 2021, Affleck renewed his connection with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez after the former pair filed for divorce in 2018.

Bennifer initially began dating in 2002, and they were engaged in November of that same year. After delaying their nuptials, they finally separated in January 2004. However, it appears that the pair was given a second shot at love.

According to insiders, the children present were Sera, 13, Affleck’s kid and Emme, 14, Jennifer Lopez’s kid. Violet Affleck, Affleck’s oldest child, did not make it to support her mother. Ben did inform Jen of the wedding, but the source informed that it was only Friday at the earliest. It was just very, very lightly prepared and mostly spontaneous. Violet stayed at home since she is devoted to her mother, a source said.

Affleck acknowledged that throughout his marriage to Garner, he was going through a difficult time. On the Howard Stern Show, the Argo filmmaker said he would have probably still been drinking. He started drinking in part because he felt imprisoned. Because of his children, he couldn’t leave, but he wasn’t pleased. What should he do? he asked. He tried to solve the problem by downing a bottle of scotch and dozing out on the couch, but it didn’t work.

The 49-year-old said that they “grew apart” and that this is why their marriage finally failed. Although they did their best, the relationship did not last. The reality is that they deliberated carefully before choosing. They drifted away, said Affleck. They had a failed marriage. This happens to someone he respects and adores, but to whom he shouldn’t remain wed. In the end, they tried. They made an effort as they had children. They both agreed that they didn’t want this to be the marriage example that their children observe.

The couple has 5 kids in their mixed family including J.Lo’s 14-year-old twins Emme and Max. According to a source, Garner has always desired for him to be content and sober. She probably wishes him well with his new marriage.

With his old sweetheart J.Lo, Affleck has now found love once more. According to Lopez, Affleck and she were wed on July 17, 2022, in Las Vegas. On her official website, Lopez commented that they did it. Love is lovely. Love is nice. Love, it turns out, is a patient thing. twenty years of endurance. 

The Marry Me actor revealed that the couple had flown to Vegas the night before and was in line with four other couples to obtain a marriage license. She wrote that they were right when they said, All you need is love. They have never had more to look forward to in life, and they are so fortunate to have it in abundance, a new great family of five lovely kids.

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