First responders in the city give a World War II veteran the surprise of a lifetime on his 99th birthday.

We should honor the courageous men and women who served in the World Wars for their bravery. This World War II soldier is still alive at 99 years old, and his town made sure to show their gratitude…

In 1942, Joseph Taylor Jr. enlisted in the American Army. He heroically fought in the military throughout the Second World War and after it was over.

The veteran now enjoys a tranquil life and did not anticipate anything significant to occur in his latter years. Until his neighbors and neighborhood came up with a plan to remember the heroic man.

His neighbors planned a spectacular surprise for the worthy soldier for his 99th birthday by getting in touch with the Brunswick Fire and Police Departments.

He celebrated his 99th birthday with a procession. The former soldier was definitely taken aback. He didn’t imagine it would occur to him, he told the journalists. That’s not what individuals do for him. Still, they did. They did a great thing.

This is the first surprise like this that has been carried out in his honor in all the years he has lived in Brunswick. The amount of support and gratitude Taylor Jr. received from his neighborhood moved him to tears, and he expressed several times that he was not used to experiencing things like this.

Members of the Brunswick VFW and American Legion joined the procession and festivities to pay tribute to the WWII veteran.

Greg Glauner, the Brunswick Fire Chief, described Joseph as a survivor when speaking to the media. They wished to recognize him since he is one of the few World War II soldiers still living today.

Taylor Jr.’s straightforward response to the question of how he managed to live to the age of 99 was, One has to live clean and toss the bottle away. Avoid drinking too much alcohol; it’s harmful.

Next year, everybody intends to join him in celebrating his 100th birthday. Though Joseph told the journalists, ‘I don’t expect to see you here next year, I want to be here,” he is unclear if his next birthday will occur. He continued with a humorous remark, “Maybe I’ll grow a beard.”

It is incredibly touching to watch Joseph Taylor Jr.’s neighborhood come together to pay tribute to him.

Say happy birthday to the retired soldier who turns 99 with us! Send this article to your friends so they may wish him as well!

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