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A 5-Yr-Old Girl With Autism Sees A Bride And Truly Believes She Is Meeting Cinderella.

Many young girls fantasize about becoming princesses, complete with a lovely gown and hair, and being the go-to person for little forest animals to confide in. When women marry, they get the opportunity to live life as a princess for a day, but how many are mistaken for a genuine princess?

A video of a 5-year-old child with autism who confused a bride for Cinderella was shared. Layla Lester enjoys playing princesses. In the video, which shows her playing with her dollhouse, it is clear that she owns the most, if not all, of the Disney Princess fashion dolls.

Jessica, Layla’s mother, told her she just heard Layla run away from her screaming, ‘Cinderella, Cinderella!’ She was certain it was Cinderella. Oliva Spark, a heavy equipment operator from Western New York, is the lady Layla mistook for Cinderella.

Layla ran across Olivia on her wedding day in Akron Falls Park. Layla’s mother urged her not to interrupt them since they were in the process of photographing the wedding. Jessica is asked by the reporter whether she is used to following Layla and apologizing for her. Absolutely, Jessica responds. And it meant a lot to her that she didn’t have to apologize to her.

Olivia not only welcomed Layla with open arms, but she also played along with the scenario. Olivia explains that she was more than happy to play Cinderella for that little girl. She spoke with Layla for quite some time before alerting her that she needed to return to the ball.

Olivia not only fulfilled Layla’s fantasy of meeting a real-life princess, but they also maintain contact. Olivia arrived at Layla’s home in her bridal gown at the request of the news station, but they have seen each other often since their initial meeting.

Jessica told that Layla doesn’t generally speak to strangers, but she instantly connected with Olivia. Olivia and her family even established a GoFundMe campaign to assist Layla and her family in traveling to Disney World so Layla could meet more princesses.

Watch the video to learn more about Layla and Olivia!

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