‘I named my baby after my favorite food & everyone says she’ll be bullied’

Nobody accepts a grandma’s unusual suggestion for the name of her grandchild.

The grandmother-of-two announced her newest family member’s unusual name—Avacuddo—in a Facebook post.

In recent years, several parents have grown tired of basic daily names and have chosen unusual and exclusive names for their children.

The Kardashians have been at the forefront of this trend since 2013, when Kim K named her eldest daughter North after her two older daughters, Saint and Psalm.

The infant was born in August of this year, but the posters revealing her name have just lately garnered popularity.

Several individuals expressed shock after seeing the Reddit post, while others expressed concern that the infant might be bullied.

The remarks came in reaction to the grandmother’s post, which featured her granddaughter and her brother Nicholas in a side-by-side shot.

‘It’s official, my daughter gave birth to a lovely baby girl,’ the grandma stated on Reddit in a screenshot post.

She then announced her name, ‘Welcome baby Avacuddo.’

The unusual names look to be joining Jayden, Bohdi, and Olivia on the list of least favorites.

Avacuddo joins the ranks of the most uncommon baby names.

According to a Pregnacare report published last year, names like Brydie, Gladys, Edmond, and Neville will be extinct by 2023.

Pamela Redmond, CEO of Nameberry, revealed to last year the ten rarest names that are often ignored.

It’s tough for parents to pick a name since a name tells so much about your personal and family identity, the expert said. A name expresses your thoughts about your family, cultural background, style, and desire to blend in or stick out in society. And naming your kid is a one-time choice that will endure their whole life—at least until they decide to alter it!

According to the world’s biggest baby name database, Pamela shares the distinctive monikers used by fewer than 25 US-based parents in 2021.

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