A boy, 11, who was stabbed to death in his bed, uses his dying words to inform detectives it was his MOTHER.

A little child who was tragically murdered in his own bed in New Mexico attempted to disclose his killer’s identify to detectives with his last breath.

Bruce Johnson Jr., 11, informed authorities in the hospital that his own mom attacked him soon before he died from his many knife wounds in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The boy’s father, Bruce Sr., contacted 911 after waking up to cries and discovering his kid injured in their home Hobbs, N.M.

Mary Johnson, the boy’s mom, was discovered dead in another room with ‘self-inflicted’ stab wounds to the chest was discovered by Bruce Sr.

At 1 a.m., emergency personnel came and took the duo to a nearby hospital, where Bruce Jr. was declared dead at 4.19 a.m.

Mary was stabilised and sent to a hospital in Lubbock, Texas, where she was arrested for first-degree murder.

Mr. Johnson informed authorities that he was asleep when he heard his son crying, according to the Lea County Sheriff’s Office. He discovered his kid in his room, lying on the bed with stab wounds.

When he went to contact 911, he realised Mary had been stabbed as well, but she was asleep in another room. Mary had stab wounds to her chest that she had caused on herself.

Bruce Jr. was conscious when he arrived at the hospital and told the investigator that his mother, Mary, had stabbed him.

Investigators discovered that Bruce Sr. had relocated to New Mexico from Oklahoma in order to keep his kid away from his divorced wife, who is believed to suffer from mental illness and was reportedly beating the child; at least two occurrences had been documented.

She inexplicably shared a video in June with the caption explaining that to get your God degree to become a God! Simply believe in yourself, respect others, and share love.

Mary stated in another rage that her kid and she realised he can hear everything that she is thinking. She despises this God! Her son does not need to hear her chatting to God! Is this an issue shared by other mothers, or is she back in the 2%? This is why she does not want children! They do not allow her to be free. She continued saying that she has  been overheard writing, thinking, reading, sleeping… Who would like to be Mother God?

Mary hadn’t seen her son in around 40 days before the tragic stabbing, and she was longing to see him.

Bruce Sr compromised and allowed Mary to stay with them so that she could spend time with Bruce Jr before the divorce was finalised.

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