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Frantic Hunt For Missing Boy Ends When He’s Found With A Dog Standing Guard Over Him

Hurried search for the boy comes to an end as he is discovered with a dog standing watch over him.

When six-year-old Kaydon Leach vanished from his Blount County, Tennessee, home the search was on. Black T-shirt, grey sweatpants, and slip-on shoes were the last things he was seen sporting. One of Kaydon’s family dogs, a little black and white terrier, was also absent.

On a 2,000-acre remote mountainous location, a large-scale search operation involving roughly 100 first responders started at 7 o’clock in the evening. Marian O’Briant, a representative for the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, stated that they’ve had resources out all night, and they’re getting help from the military, who used a Black Hawk chopper equipped with Flir technology to search the area at Top of the World. They’ve also been walking about with boots on all night.

After that, around 22 hours after Kayden vanished, deputies found the young child half a mile from his home. And the snarling sound grew louder as they drew nearer.

Even Kayden had company. He actually had his guardian angel with him.

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