‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Lets 13-Year-Old Daughter Sophia Get Her Septum Pierced

Farrah Abraham is justifying her parenting choices after being criticised for one involving her daughter, 13, by critics.

After posting a TikTok video of her daughter, Sophia, getting her septum pierced, the former Teen Mom star received backlash. On her Instagram, Sophia posted a video of the piercing and mentioned that it was a birthday present.

The teen captioned her picture that she got her septum piercing for her bday.

She expressed that she is overjoyed with how it came out! At the age of 13, she became the first member of her family to pierce her septum. A birthday wish was granted.

Sophia was criticised by fans for getting such a piercing at such a young age.

Are you serious? questioned one commenter. “A 13-year-old getting their septum pierced? She’s still quite young.”

Another person chimed up, “Rocks for brains.”

In an interview, Farrah explained herself.

Farrah explained that her generation of thirteen is very different from theirs. Sophia became the first member of her family to get her septum pierced. Particularly at 13. She would rather have it done by a pro who will keep it clean and sterilised than her adolescent fool attempting it herself and getting sick. 

She continued that to anyone who might think that her daughter getting her nose properly and legally fixed is unacceptable. Being legal is important to her.

They followed the law. As a mom, she is doing everything she can to keep her joy and fit. She covered all of that. She wishes her luck as she enters her adolescence, and she says more power to her if she decides to acquire additional piercings.

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