A family throws a gender reveal party for their daughter after she decides she no longer wishes to live as a male.

A family celebrated their eight-year-old daughter’s gender reveal after she informed them she no longer wishes to live as a male.

Ella Scott, now eight, from Ontario, Canada, informed her parents two years ago, at the age of six, that she didn’t feel like a male inside.

Ella’s mother, Nikki, 38, and father, Graham, 39, first assumed she was going through a phase.

But when they discovered she was genuine, they threw a gender reveal party to tell the rest of the family about her adventure.

Nikki explained that with Ella, it’s as if she already understood but they didn’t. When she was tiny, they realised she was a little unusual since she was always pals with girls and played with Frozen toys. She has two other kids that play rough, Ella’s brothers, but Ella never chose to join in.

Nikki stated that Ella’s adventure truly started when she turned six.

Nikki explained that at the age of six, she tried to start wearing girly stuff like skirts and dresses.

The mom admitted that she believed it was simply a phase.

They opted to let Ella choose her own costume for Halloween, and she desired to be a cat, so she donned a skirt and cat ears.

Neither of them understood what to do, so they handed Ella books about trans people since she didn’t know what to say. She finally did. “I’m not a male, and I don’t feel like this on the inside.”

Nikki and her husband Graham were first perplexed about how to best care for their kid.

She stated that they were wondering if she was too young and if they were doing the correct thing. They wanted to be certain that what they were doing was neither detrimental or hurtful.

The pair then scheduled an appointment with a psychologist from their community’s child mental health centre, Reach Out Centre for Kids.

They offered help to the parents, encouraging them to let Ella be who she desired to be.

From this one, they let Ella take the lead, Nikki added.

In first grade, she began using she/her pronouns, ultimately growing her hair longer and dressing like a female.

Ella did get unhappy when her hair didn’t grow quickly, but she is a really cheerful kid with a positive personality and has been throughout her experience.

The couple, together with Ella’s two young siblings, Teddy, six, and Regan, five, then chose to support Ella by throwing a gender reveal party to inform their wider family about her journey.

And it was a triumph, with extended family members being really helpful.

They’ve all ceased mentioning Ella’s former boy name, which her folks don’t want made public.

Nikki added that family gave her the most supportive and loving response when she came out. It’s her family, her home, and her safe haven.

Although being embraced by family and close friends, Ella needed to change schools in order for her peers to embrace her new identity entirely.

Nikki added that grade one was challenging since some of her friends said she wasn’t a female. However, they decided to relocate Ella and the rest of their children.

Ella’s new school was the ideal setting for her to continue discovering who she is, and her instructors have also been quite helpful. She also has a nice set of pals surrounding her.

Nikki has now created an Instagram page to record Ella’s shift. She continued that when she transitioned, she discovered a lot of information for teens but not for kids.

The criteria in most local clinics are that you have to enter puberty before you can get in, so Ella wouldn’t be eligible.

Nikki wants parents to feel comfortable since they didn’t have anybody else to aid them at the beginning of their trip.

Her page exists to promote knowledge of transgender children and to provide a supportive network for parents.

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